Study Guide Series

The “Dr. John Bob Riddle Study Guide Series” is being offered through the Pastorsworkshop Resource Center as a tool of great value to pastors, teachers and all  Christian leaders worldwide. The Study Guides are based on individual books of the Bible.  Based on solid scholarship, each “Study Guide” contains historical background such as authorship, occasion, date, theme and responses to criticism.  The heart of each book is the “Interpretative Paraphrase”, which takes the most reliable sources in the original language and provides a translation into contemporary English without losing either original intent or depth of meaning.  Key word studies are also included. Many also include sermon outlines and teaching suggestions.  Finally, the Guides often include Dr. Riddle’s own handwritten teaching notes in the margins, carefully preserved for your benefit.
These Study Guides are available in both print and PDF downloadable versions from the Pastorsworkshop Resource Center.

The Challenge of Limited Resources

Resources are needed by pastors everywhere, whether they be the resources of knowledge, time, skills, fresh perspective or something else.

Struggles With Development

When you don't have the resources you need, it's difficult to develop yourself and your church.

A Lack of Resources

As a result, you likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated because you can't be as effective as you want.

Limited Ministry Support

There should be quality resources available, to assist you in fulfilling the ministry God as called you to.

Enhance Your Ministry

We know exactly how challenging it can be to serve when resources are limited. Trust us... we've been there! In fact, that reason, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, is the very reason we started Pastor's Workshop.

God wants us to share our decades of experience, content and services to enhance your ministry. And that's exactly what we're doing!

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