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Pastors are among the busiest professionals in the workplace. And yet, their responsibilities and influence are of eternal significance. Preaching and teaching are at the core of their spiritual leadership, and yet, time constraints for bi-vocational pastors often crowd-out quality sermon preparation. Our purpose is to alleviate the pressure that comes with sermon preparation through our sermon resources.

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While many have advanced degrees in their secular work fields, they may not have had the opportunity to pursue education from a traditional seminary or courses specifically targeted toward solid biblical theology and the practical aspects of ministry. For most pastors outside the United States, such education was never a possibility. . . until now! Please click on the “PW Seminary” tab to learn more.

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The Challenge

Many pastors struggle with sermon and teaching preparation, even if it is a task they love and are called to perform with excellence. The modern pastor is pulled in many directions and must simultaneously be an administrator, counselor, shepherd to the flock, the ill, the grief-stricken, chief fundraiser, perform weddings, funerals and lead in other special occasions. Bi-vocational pastors and those leading smaller churches where the pastor is the only staff member find that other duties crowd in on sermon preparation time as well (building maintenance, yard work, mechanic for the church bus, etc.). Most evangelical churches in the United States and globally are small in membership size. Budgets are strained. For example, there are 300,000 bi-vocational in the U.S. alone and more than 5 million worldwide. Many have limited educational and research opportunities; all deserve our encouragement and support. That is why this site was created. New materials in our sermon resources program are being added weekly.

The Solution is designed to lighten your work load, serve as a silent research assistant and encourage you and your flock with solid Biblical preaching tools. Our joy is to "hold up your arms" so the battle can go on and victory can be won. We want to be a cheerleader, fan and hidden coach as you serve on the front line.

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How We Help

We provide the sermon teachings in complete written form. They come with an accompanying sermon outline to take to the pulpit or lectern. All material is true to conservative Biblical scholarship, expository in nature, and evangelical at heart. Our mission is to promote evangelism and discipleship in the local church while building biblical understanding. Material is directed to produce a response from the hearer that is pleasing to the Lord. Keyword studies are included in the original language of the text. Cross-references are provided for Biblical support. Common questions are anticipated and answered. While the NKJV is usually the quoted text, you may use any translation you wish in the actual delivery. Finally, you choose the sermon material that is best suited for you. From single sermons to extended series to special topics, you will find material helpful to you in leading your congregation to love the Word of God. Give it a try!

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